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A Best-Selling Book
by Amanda Given

Illustrated by Polina Hrytskova

Inhale HAPPY. . .exhale SAD.

Inhale GLAD. . .exhale MAD.

Lonnie is sick and tired of his brother Curly teasing him. It makes him so mad that he feels like he is going to explode. Luckily, his favorite babysitter Scarlett comes over and saves the day by teaching him all about the Balloon Breath.


A charming story by Amanda Given with colorful and playful illustrations that will help any child, young or old, open up and learn to deal with their feelings, all by learning about Balloon Breath.

About Us
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About Amanda

Amanda Given is an author, speech language pathologist, yogi, mother, and mental health advocate. After Amanda’s own 10 year personal journey with depression she found purpose in writing and teaching yoga/meditation to children. Amanda is a child at heart with a grown-up soul. She has playful energy that is shared when she teaches children fun and creative yoga poses. Amanda also leads adult groups in relaxing guided meditation. When Amanda is away from her yoga mat you can find her dancing, sailing, or running along the beach in her hometown of Marblehead, MA. 

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Author Visits

Amanda will come and share her book and playful energy.

Amanda Given is available for school visits, library programs or other venues to share her latest book Balloon Breath. This charming story has colorful and playful illustrations that appeals to any age. This book helps any child, young or old open up and learn to deal with their feeling all by learning about Balloon Breath. Amanda author visits are playful and engaging and you may even learn some simple yoga poses too.

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Amanda Given  


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